Ward Village to host 2nd annual Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase

Interview: 2nd Annual Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase

Are you one of those people who likes to catch big fish?  Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase tournament is set for this Saturday.  Someone could walk away with a $65,000 prize.  Captain Ray Collier won first place in the mahi mahi category last year.. Katie Ka'anapu is director of community and retail marketing at the Howard Hughes Corporation.

Ward Village is excited to host our 2nd annual Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase – an event taking place this Saturday that invites fisherman from across the state to participate in a fun weekend of sports fishing.
·         This year's event boasts incredible prizes, including a guaranteed prize purse of $10,000, split among the largest marlin, ahi, ono and mahimahi caught.
·         Last year we saw some giant catches reeled in, but one prize in particular still stands this year – which is the "Choy's Monster" prize. This prize rewards $65,000 to any fisherman lucky enough to break the "Choy's Monster" rod and reel record set in 1970 by Captain Cornelius Choy, who reeled in a marlin weighing in at a whopping 1,805 pounds!
We don't see a lot of fishing tournaments taking place on the South Shore of O'ahu. Why here and why now?
·         We host this tournament each year to perpetuate the deeply respected culture of sports fishing in the Kewalo area. Since the 1920s, Kewalo Harbor has been a place for spending time in the ocean and today, we're honored to play the role of owner and manager of the harbor, helping to improve this waterfront amenity and its surrounding areas.
·         Over the last two years we've invested in facility upgrades, ocean safety, marketing support for harbor businesses, community partnerships and added security.
·         Today, Kewalo is a community gathering place that is home to more than 100 commercial fishing boats and recreational ocean activities and we hope that events such as the Big Fish Chase bring more attention to this oceanfront destination.
·         We hope that fisherman - and the public - join us for the Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase this Saturday. Bystanders are sure to enjoy watching the fisherman from shore as they return with their catches throughout the day.
·         For more information, please visit konatournaments-dot-com.

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