Hyatt Regency prepares 40-foot lei for King Kamehameha Day

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hyatt Regency Resort in Waikiki is preparing its first lei to be presented to the King Kamehameha statue for King Kamehameha Day.

Resort staff brought in their plumerias to be strung into a lei that will be 40 feet long.

Kuuipo Kumukahi, the Manager of Hawaiian Culture and Community Relations at the Hyatt, said that the occasion is more than just celebrating the legacy of one of Hawaii's greatest warriors.

"It is important to know and acknowledge the great work of our ali'i, they were great leaders for us," she said.

While the number "40" represents the 40th anniversary of the Hyatt being in Hawaii, it also hold cultural significance.

"40 is a good number-- Hawaiians count by 40's. If we went to get fish, we would say 'one count,' we mean '40 opelu.' So you know, these are some of the significance and connections we're trying to make here," Kumukahi said.

King Kamehameha Day is an annual holiday held on the 11th of June, but is observed on June 10.

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