Farrington football: turning tragedy into motivation

Farrington football: turning tragedy into motivation

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Last year Farrington missed earning a state tournament berth by one point after losing to Waianae in the OIA third place game. Now, the Governors are keeping that loss in mind as they get back to work.

"I think they all remember it and are eager to get back on the field." said Govs head coach, Randall Okimoto.

"It kind of gets me, not irritated, but wishing that I could go back in time to that game and play it again. But, I got to take it as a motivation and strive for greatness. We just got to step up and do better than we did last year." said senior running back, Challen Faamatau.

But righting the wrongs of last year isn't the only reason the Governors have been hard at work this off season. After learning of the death of their teammate, Wesley Sula, who was tragically killed this past April, the team decided to dedicate the upcoming season to their fallen brother. 

"We lost a great brother of ours, he was close to all of us, not just me ,so it was tough for all of us." said Faamatau. "Surprisingly, it made us all stronger. I mean, we know that if he was sitting right here next to me he would tell me that he wants us to win this championship. Everything we do, we do for him, and we're going to miss him. But, other than that, we're going to focus on our goal which is winning that state championship."

According to Okimoto, since Sula's passing, he's noticed a new found focus among his players.

"Well, each guy kind of takes it differently but I've seen guys really turn it around and just become serious about wanting to do well." said Okimoto. "We said we want to take each day and appreciate each day, and win the day. So, I've seen it from many of our players."