Mapunapuna businesses once again grappling with tidal floods

Mapunapuna businesses once again grappling with tidal floods

MAPUNAPUNA (HawaiiNewsNow) - High tide waters flooded Mapunapuna businesses over the weekend, and business owners are calling on government to find a fix.

On Monday, most of the floodwaters had receded. But inside the Davis Design Center warehouse, floors still hadn't dried out.

This is the second time in eight months the company has been hit with major tidal flooding.

Cheryl Smith owns a home theater shop in the same building, and has spent nearly $40,000 in the last few months on repairs and damaged equipment after flooding.

She says the city and state need to "step up" and dredge a canal near the businesses to prevent the flooding.

"There's a lot of businesses in this area that are suffering all the time, constantly because of this situation," Smith said.

Flooding in Mapunapuna during high tides has been a problem for decades, but work done several years had alleviated the problem.

Now, businesses are saying the flooding is back in earnest. They say a canal that runs behind the businesses is the root of the problem and has been for nearly two decades.

Rod Ho has been in business 25 years, and said he's been documenting the flooding for years.

"I have never seen anyone clean out that culvert. Now the silt and debris is almost all the way to the top," Ho said.

Over the years, Ho along with several other business owners have reported the problems to both the city and the state.

But they say nothing's been done to fix it.

"It wrecks the cars. Customers don't want to come in. So business gets down sometimes," said Ho.

The state said the portion of the canal that appears to be the problem area is the city's jurisdiction. City officials disputed that claim, but told Hawaii News Now they'd send a crew to inspect the location.

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