Hawaii hate crimes data reported by prosecutors, not police

Hawaii hate crimes data reported by prosecutors, not police

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii is the only state that doesn't participate in the FBI's Hate Crime Statistics Program. Instead, state officials currently compile their own hate crimes report with information collected from local prosecutors rather than police.

Because Hawaii's four local police agencies don't send such information to the FBI, hate crimes recorded in annual statewide reports were not reflected in national statistics. The state's most recent report includes two hate crimes in 2015, both on Kauai involving anti-Caucasian epithets.

Filing reports for the federal count is voluntary.

State attorney general spokesman Joshua Wisch says the state is moving toward a new police reporting system that will involve sending hate crime reports to the FBI.

Meanwhile, some legal experts and community advocates express concern that the current system may lead to underreporting hate crimes.

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