Southern Soul: Anders Osborne and Luther Dickinson to Perform on Maui and Oahu

Southern Soul: Anders Osborne and Luther Dickinson to Perform on Maui and Oahu

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The stars align on Maui and Oahu in the beginning of June when two true greats of Americana music, Anders Osborne and Luther Dickinson, take the stage in a manner rarely seen. Osborne long ago earned his status as New Orleans' favorite son - raised on the deep soul and diverse sounds of the Crescent City since his teens and long-celebrated as a beacon for passionate, full-hearted living and performance with a multitude of knockout concerts and albums year after year. Dickinson, with 20 years of high profile output, has become one of the seminal voices of American roots music - regularly earning Grammy nominations for his own work and receiving call after call from legendary artists (e.g. The Black Crowes, John Hiatt, etc.) asking Dickinson to lend his special touch to their recordings and tours. On Friday, June 3, 2016 at McCoy Studio Theater at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center and Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Surfer the Bar at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore, Osborne and Dickinson will bare all, performing in stripped-down fashion - alone on-stage, each with a guitar in-hand. In this format, their talents will be on full-display in a bright spotlight for all to see and enjoy.

Such shows are uncommon for Osborne and Dickinson. While both have been long-time friends and recent bandmates in the group 'Southern Soul Assembly,' they almost always perform together fronting bands plugged-in and poised to unleash megadoses of power. At their Maui and Oahu shows, with only two guitars and voices on-stage, Osborne and Dickinson will be free to roam in any direction and style they desire with attendees able to easily follow every expression. "Few artists are more gifted at displaying their inner spirits or have as much to say as Anders [Osborne] and Luther [Dickinson]," states Mark Tarone, co-producer of both Hawaii concerts. "Every year, I see Anders [Osborne] perform with his band in front of 20,000+ at New Orleans' Jazzfest and see him and Luther [Dickson] play separately at clubs around town. Both have hearts of gold that they wear on their sleeves and a wealth of experience to tap into having been immersed in music and passionate living for over 20 years. With the covers pulled back on Anders and Luther at their upcoming Hawaii shows, the audience will have a direct conduit to raw, deep emotion."

This being Dickinson's first ever public performances in Hawaii and Anders' first on Maui and second on Oahu, special attention is advised to avoid 'mislabeling' these concerts. These are not exotic arts shows targeted at a niche audience. Neither are these blues shows restrained by predictable beats and ruminations. These are concerts by two masters of their craft, both firmly ensconced in the upper echelon of music, that promise to be rambunctious rides through the many great faces of American song - folk, rock and funk intermixed with blues. If you've ever tapped your toe to a beat or felt your skin creep upon hearing a tale sung from the soul, then Osborne and Dickinson's Hawaii concerts are shows you will not soon forget.

Having provided management services to Hawaii's John Cruz for three years (2005-2007) and featured Anders Osborne previously in Honolulu, Tarone sees a wealth of similarities between both artists. "Anders [Osborne] and John [Cruz] each have a huge heart, supreme musicianship and open mind. Their music crosses genres and cultures and touches people's hearts in as a profound a manner as I've ever seen." While attending a Grammy Foundation event recently in New Orleans, Tarone overheard one of the Grammy speakers (and industry luminary) hit the nail on the head in saying to a friend, "I'm headed to see Anders [Osborne] tonight at Chickie Wah Wah. I make it a point to see him every chance I get."

T-Rx Entertainment is thrilled to present these performances in the cozy confines of McCoy Studio Theater and Surfer the Bar, two rooms with great acoustics and an intimate vibe. Recent chats with Anders and Luther reveal that they are even more excited. As Luther recently stated to co-producer Dave Bauss, "Anders and I are coming out two weeks early and spending the time together with our families at a beach house in Lanikai. We're looking forward to connecting with island aloha and are jazzed about wrapping up our trip with special shows on Oahu and Maui. We can't wait!"

For tickets or more information for the Maui show, call (808) 242-7469, go to the MACC website or click here.

For the Oahu show, click here.

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