Local Connection: Coach Larry Price

Local Connection: Coach Larry Price

There's something I've been missing on the radio lately – the voice of the "Coach" – Larry Price.

It may not have been love at first sight – on either of our parts – but my initial meeting with the Coach – when he really was a coach – changed the course of my life.

I played for UH under Coach Price in 1965 and 66. The most demanding and challenging seasons I experienced in five years of college football.

Later he invited me to join his coaching staff.  It was a job that demanded everything I had to give… and in return…I was transformed as a coach and as a person.

I left Hawaii… but in my soul I never left Coach Price or all that he taught me…especially on being a man and becoming a leader.  He influenced me more than any person I have ever known.

There are many others just like me…in all different fields…who learned from Larry Price how to dedicate ourselves to something and contribute to our community.  In that way…the Coach can take it a little easier now, knowing he has done so much to make Hawaii a better place.

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