Beauty & Grace - Flattering shorts for every figure

Beauty & Grace - Flattering shorts for every figure

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For this "Beauty & Grace" segment, which types of shorts are the most flattering for your figure? Fashion expert Alle Fister appeared on Sunrise with some tips.

For the petite, Alle recommends a monochromatic bottom half. Her model, on the left of the screen, is wearing white shorts with a matching white cuff from Blank NYC. "There's no distressed color detailing here so that we can have a nice clean crisp look," Alle said. She advises to keep the cut a bit shorter to elongate the legs. She paired them with some nude colored shoes from Reef. She said that lengthens the leg because there's no harsh color breaking up her leg.

If you have pear shaped body, avoid pleats. They just add to the volume. Alle said she chose these shorts from Willow & Clay because they have pockets that are cut at an angle. That draws the eye up toward the waist and has a bit of a slimming effect.

For the long and lean body, she brought in the Bermuda shorts from Big Star denim. These are cut longer and have a great cuff. They're wonderful for someone who is a little bit taller. Alle said that for women who have more height, they should also add more material so the shorts don't appear too brief.

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