Local Connection: PBS Hawaii

Local Connection: PBS Hawaii

Aloha to you. Hawaii News Now has generously extended time during this newscast, so that I may share a genuine "good news" story with you.

It's the story of Hawaii's only statewide public broadcasting station and how the people of Hawaii secured the nonprofit station's future after we lost our longtime lease.

Perhaps the timing was NOT so good. Our need to move arose on the heels of the Great Recession. And yet, our fellow islanders, including thousands of grassroots givers, over time, made this happen on Nimitz Highway, ownership of a 30 million dollar cheerful multimedia center for LEARNING through creative and fair storytelling.

We knew this home had to be a very different kind of place – no longer focused on the television screen. It had to be designed for a new era in public broadcasting and digital communications.

More engagement and interactivity as you use a variety of digital devices.

Multimedia studios and more local programming responsive to the needs of our diverse communities statewide on every island.

A "Learning Zone" for the nationally award-winning HIKI NO students and their teachers.

This is a "good news" story because of all of the support, during challenging times, for a place where people and ideas come together – and where the attitude is: let's be real and let's be civil.

Your PBS Hawaii home – the Clarence T.C. Ching Campus – is right here. Mahalo to all who built this vision of the heart and mind. And the good news story is just getting started.

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