HCDA poised to OK park enforcement pact with city

City expected to help state address lingering homeless problem in Kakaako parks

KAKAAKO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Community Development Authority is expected to OK an agreement with the city that would allow police and city crews to enforce park closure rules in Kakaako parks.

HCDA, the state agency that oversees development in Kakaako, will take up the item Wednesday.

The agreement is aimed at clearing out homeless campers sleeping in the area.

HCDA and the city have struggled for months to address homelessness in Kakaako. As soon as homeless sweeps are conducted, the homeless return.

Officials say the agreement with the city will allow for more sweeps, and outreach to homeless.

Outreach workers have said up to 100 homeless are living in Kakaako. Those figures are way down from last year, when crews cleared out one of the biggest homeless encampments in the state.

Meanwhile, the city Department of Facility Maintenance is enforcing sidewalk and stored property rules around the island, but only when they receive complaints on their hotline (at 768-4381).

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