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Movie Review: Summer Movies 2

     Most movies that open during the summer have little to do with reality. But here are two  summer films that are based on the lives of real people.

     Doors slam in Kroc’s face. 

Secretary on phone to Kroc: How’s it going down there?

Kroc: Great. Swell. Lotta interest. 

     THE FOUNDER stars the always excellent Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the man behind all the McDonald’s restaurants.

Kroc (facing the camera): I know what you’re thinking’. How the heck does a 52 year old over the hill milkshake machine salesman build a fast food empire with 1600 restaurants and an annual revenue of 700 million dollars? One word: persistence. 

      That’s putting things kindly, because THE FOUNDER shows how ruthless Kroc was in manipulating the two brothers who owned the original restaurant.

Kroc: There should be Mcdonald’s everywhere. Franchise the damn thing. Franchise, franchise, franchise. Mcdonald’s can be the new American church and it isn’t just open on Sundays, boys.

One of the brothers: There’s a wolf in the hen house; we let him in.

Brother: You are to stop this instant.

Kroc: I am through taking orders from you.

Brother: You have a contract.

Kroc: Contracts are like hearts; they’re made to be broken.

       It looks as though THE FOUNDER will reveal the nasty side of the man behind one of America’s most successful businesses. Should we be surprised?

      Bryan Cranston plays Bob Mazur, an American undercover agent  in THE INFILTRATOR which is based on true story of the man who risked his life to bring down a Mexican drug lord in the late 1980’s.

Leader to a group of agents: Listen up; Washington wants to make the biggest bust in U.S. history: Pablo Escobar and his main distributor. 

      Mazur is paired with Abreu, a younger agent played by John Leguizamo. Plus, although he’s married in his real life, Mazur also must pretend that a rookie agent played by Diane Kruger is his wife. 

Escobar (the drug lord) to Mazur: In my business, nothing good ever comes in the absence of trust. Without it there’s no loyalty and where there is no loyalty, it never ends well.

   The presence of these fine actors in a story that is full of serious peril should make THE INFILTRATOR  well worth seeing.

     Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.                


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