No more scrip: a switch to plastic at the 50th State Fair

No more scrip: a switch to plastic at the 50th State Fair

AIEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Remember when a carnival ride cost five scrip?

There's no scrip to be found at the 50th State Fair. Instead, fair goers are loading up a plastic card, called a Fun Pass, with credits -- about ten credits for each dollar.

"You insert your credit card or cash at one of our kiosks, and it will give you your card, and the credits on the card can be used for rides, games, food and admission," said Donna Smith of E.K. Fernandez Shows.

People arriving at the fair and expecting the old scrip booths at the entrance instead were greeted by touch screen machines to purchase a Fun Pass. That took some people a while to get used to. But once inside the fair, all it took as a quick touch of the card to a reader. If they have enough credits on the card for a ride, the reader shows a green light.

"It's actually more convenient now, and its more easier for me," said Monet Guevarra. "With two kids now, I just do like this (making a swiping motion with her card) and it's done."

For E.K. Fernandez, it means no more counting of ride coupons.

"We had to either weight them or count them, depending on what it was," said Smith. "And now it's instantaneous."

It may get too convenient at an event where it's already easy for a family to spend a hundred dollars or more on rides, food and entertainment. And the only way you find out that you don't have enough credits is when the card reader flashes a red light, and you have to reload the card.

E.K. Fernandez said people shouldn't throw the cards away. If you have leftover credits on the card, they can be used at any of its future carnivals.

The 50th State Fair will run for five weekends at Aloha Stadium.

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