Forecast: Pop-up showers and muggy conditions follow yesterday's heavy rain

Forecast: Pop-up showers and muggy conditions follow yesterday's heavy rain

We are starting with mild temperatures but things will heat up quickly once the sun greets us. 

The spring sizzle will continue with warm afternoons. With the winds slowing down even more, it will feel quite warm with the higher humidity.

After pockets of heavy rain on Wednesday -- leaving up to 6 inches on Oahu and up to 5 inches on Maui -- where the most rain fell over mauka locations due to an upper level disturbance passing to our north, the atmosphere is becoming more stable today. We still have a chance to see afternoon heat-driven showers over our interior neighborhoods that may develop over the islands later today.

The winds will become even lighter through the weekend which opens the gates for humid weather and hazy skies with the vog approaching the islands. The light winds will allow emissions from Kilauea to spread over the smaller islands.  Daytime sea breezes will produce clouds and showers over interior and leeward areas while nighttime land breezes will bring partial clearing at night. 

Trade winds will return starting on Memorial Day as an area of high pressure strengthens over the state, but the trades may remain lighter than normal through next week.

SURF OUTLOOK: A moderate southwest swell from the Tasman sea is expected to peak late Thursday and Friday, then decline during the weekend. Since there are so many islands along the path of the swell energy, surf is likely to be inconsistent with some elevated sets rolling in.

For your 7-day outlook, expect a string of days with muggy weather starting off with mostly sunny skies and then seeing a few pop up afternoon showers. Our afternoon highs across the islands will range from 78 to 87 degrees but it will feel warmer than that when factoring in the humidity. The winds will pick up a little bit and become more trade wind-like by Memorial Day. 

Have a beautiful Thursday in Hawaii Nei.  

- Jennifer Robbins

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