Movie Review: Summer Movies Preview 1

Movie Review: Summer Movies Preview 1

On some summer weekends, it's hard to find anything other than a big action film or a big budget comedy. But if you're looking for alternatives, check out these two smaller films when they show up here: THE LOBSTER and CAFE SOCIETY.


Voice: Have you ever been on your own before?

David: No, never.

Voice: Your last relationship lasted how many years.

David: Around twelve.

Colin Farrell stars in THE LOBSTER, a black comedy set sometime in the near future when single people are arrested, taken to a hotel, and given forty-five days to find a romantic partner or be turned into an animal.

Hotel Manager: And the dog?

David: My brother. He was here a couple of years ago, but he didn't make it.

Manager: Did you read the leaflet?

David: Yes, I did.

Manager: As you understand from your brother's experience, if you fail to connect with someone during your stay here, you'll turn into an animal. Now, have you thought of what animal you'd like to be if you end up alone?

David: Yes, a lobster.

Manager: A lobster is an excellent choice.

Farrell plays David, who escapes into the woods where the so-called Loners live. There he meets a mysterious woman played by Rachel Weitz. But he soon learns it's a place with very different rules.

Female voice: You can be alone here as long as you like. There's no time limit. Any romantic or sexual relations are punished.

"THE LOBSTER" won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


Phil (a Hollywood big shot played by Steve Carrell): I'm expecting a call from Ginger Rogers. She's unhappy with her representation, so who knows?

Rose (on phone to Phil): Phil, it's Rose.

Phil: Rose?

Rose: Your sister. My son is coming to Hollywood.

Phil (in his office with Rose's son): It's all about ego. This whole town runs on ego.

Bobby : Yeah, I'm Bobby.

Phil (on his intercom): Bonnie, come in here can you? Bonnie, this is my nephew, Bobby.

Bobby to Bonnie in a cafe: My brother, Ben, owns a nightclub; he's asked me to help him run it.

Bobby's father to Ben: When will you know?

Ben: Well, we have to find out if the owners wanna sell. We're trying to persuade them. (We see the owner kidnapped and thrown out of a car onto a construction site.) You ask politely; people listen.

Bobby to a friend: Are there more beautiful girls in Hollywood or New York?

Friend: Why, is that how you'll decide where you'll live?

Jesse Eisenberg stars as Bobby in CAFE SOCIETY, a new Woody Allen comedy set in 1930's Hollywood. The movie co-stars Kristen Stewart, Steve Carrell, and Blake Lively. I'm hoping it's somewhere near as much fun as Woody's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

Man at one of Phil's parties: Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living. But the examined one is no bargain.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.