Oh, Baby! Mom goes into labor in the Zipper lane, snarling morning commute

Woman goes into labor on H1 freeway; causes traffic jam
Image: Hawaii News Now
Image: Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Aggabaos would like to apologize for the traffic jam they caused on the H-1 Freeway early Friday, but they have a darn good excuse.

Raynette Aggabao went into labor in the Zipper lane, and her husband had no choice but to pull over and call 911.

"I look behind me and I see the traffic that I caused, and I'm like 'Oh God, I'm that person,'" Raynette Aggabao said Friday from her hospital room, where mother, baby -- and dad -- are doing just fine.

Aggabao said the day started out about 3 a.m., when her water broke.

After speaking with her doula, Aggabao decided to wait it out at home. "An hour later, I started to get contractions and I was like 'Okay, there they are,'" she said.

Aggabao and her husband, Roland, ended up leaving Waipahu around 6 a.m. They headed straight to Queen's Medical Center. About halfway there, Raynette Aggabao told her husband that she was pretty sure she was going to have her baby right then and there.

Her husband had no choice but to pull over -- in the Zipper lane, causing quite the traffic jam near Aiea.

"There was people filming me like oh, I'll probably be on Instagram the crazy guy blocking the zip lane, causing traffic,'" Roland Aggabao said. "But I was just concerned about my wife and my child."

The couple called 911 and paramedics arrived 20 minutes later. They rushed Raynette Aggabao to the hospital.

"I don't know who the ambulance people were," she said. "There were two guys and just the whole time I was having my contractions he was like 'Don't push, don't push, whatever you do don't push.'"

The couple arrived safely at Queen's and welcomed their baby boy into the world at 8:48 a.m. The little guy weighed in at seven pounds, 10 ounces, and measured 19 inches long.

It's the family's second son. For baby no. 3, they've learned a valuable lesson: "Water breaks, straight to the hospital. I don't care, straight to the hospital," Roloand Aggabao said, laughing.

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