Family pleads for driver who plowed through group of teens to come forward

Tearful family pleads for driver to come forward in critical Ewa Beach hit-and-run
Michael Mareko-Peneueta & Shirley Peneueta (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Michael Mareko-Peneueta & Shirley Peneueta (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Alisha & Michael (Image: Michael Mareko-Peneueta)
Alisha & Michael (Image: Michael Mareko-Peneueta)
Image: Hawaii News Now
Image: Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The family of a young woman critically injured when a car plowed through a crowd of teens Tuesday in Ewa Beach is pleading with the driver of the vehicle to come forward.

Alisha Brown, 18, was critically injured in the crash, and remains in a medically-induced coma at the Queen's Medical Center.

She was among several people who were injured in the hit-and-run, which happened outside a party near Fort Weaver Road early Tuesday.

"I kinda think about it and I blame myself every single second, you know, because that party was my friend's party," said Brown's boyfriend, Michael Mareko-Peneueta. He and Brown have been dating since eighth grade, and their families are close.

Family said that just before 3 a.m. Tuesday, Brown had gone to see him at a party just off Fort Weaver Road when a fight broke out.

One of the people in the fight allegedly got into his car and drove right into a group of teens.

Brown was thrown into the air by the impact.

"I held her in my arms. My own girlfriend in my arms," Mareko-Peneueta said, choking on tears. "I never thought that would ever happen. I only saw that in the movies. And it happened in real life to me. I hold my girlfriend in my arms, screaming for help."

While Brown fights for life, police still haven't found a suspect in their attempted murder investigation.

According to teens who were there, the driver and his friends had stopped at the gathering but were told to leave. The crash happened shortly afterward.

"There's somebody in that hospital, lying in that bed -- you guys put her in that bed," said Mareko-Peneueta's mother, Shirley Peneueta. "We all was born with conscience."

The families said they aren't familiar with the driver.

"I'm begging out there. I'm pleading, please come forward. Turn you guys self in," said Shirley Peneueta. "Do what's right because you know what's right."

Mareko-Peneueta added, "Keep praying guys, please, everybody, keeping praying. I thank you. We all thank you for everything, your condolences. At least she's fighting. She's strong."

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