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Business Report: The National Academy of Sciences gives its opinion of GMOs

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This was the definitive view of GMOs both sides were waiting for. Top-ranked scientists, who agreed in advance, nothing goes in the report without data to back it up. Each side assumed these scientists would side with them. Instead they basically said, you’re both wrong. They find no compelling evidence GMO crops are unsafe. They find no compelling evidence they improve crop yields. The conclusions of this 388-page report appear to cut both sides off at the knees. Crop yields are improving, but they already were, before GMO seeds, and the rate of improvement has not accelerated.

The report says, maybe there is some bad effect not yet detectable. But it says, while cancer rates are up in the U.S., they are also up in Europe, with far less GMO foods. The online reaction to the report is depressing. The pro-GMO people are simply ignoring the part that disputes what they always said. The anti-GMO people have suddenly decided the panel isn't impartial.

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