Family returns from mainland hospital treatment to find home ransacked

Well-known family with child battling Leukemia returns to find North Shore home ransacked
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

PUNALUU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - While an Oahu family was on the mainland getting cancer treatment for a sick child, one or more thieves ransacked their home, taking money, personal information and expensive surfboards.

In a twist that's puzzling police, the thieves also trashed the Bogart family's Punaluu home, breaking windows, pulling out smoke detectors, and causing other damage.

"Everything is just destroyed," said family friend Ana Palte. "You can't even walk into their bedroom."

The Bogarts were on the mainland getting treatment for 4-year-old MacKenzie Bogart, who has leukemia.

Among the items taken were hospital funds meant for MacKenzie. Also stolen: 20 specialty-made surfboards, Social Security cards, and 12 years worth of photos.

The Bogarts returned from MacKenzie's chemotherapy treatment Monday to find their home ransacked.

"Disbelief really, just can't believe it happened," said father Jesse Bogart.

But this is a family that can overcome challenges. Mackenzie's older sister, Kailey, is the reigning USA Snowboarding National Champion for slopestyle in her age group.

But six years ago, she was diagnosed with a condition called chiari malformation. Surgeons cut away part of her skull and reduced a section of her brain. She still has annual checkups, but is OK.

And if all goes well, MacKenzie should be cancer-free next year.

Jesse Bogart says the family can overcome this too.

"When you face things like losing one of your kids to a medical condition, what it comes down to is, this is stuff and we'll be able to find stuff again someday," he said.

Palte, though, isn't quite as forgiving.

"How does this happen? They're a family that deserves way more than this," she said.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call Honolulu police. To help the Bogart family, click here.

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