Business Report: Marijuana munchies

Business Report: Marijuana munchies

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It seems inevitable that makers of munchies and sweet treats for the little buckaroos will at some point consider offering, or licensing, marijuana-laced versions of their brand-name snacks.

Could ho-hos one day be hi-hos? Could the Keebler elves introduce their cousins, the Doobie elves? Could Panda Express offer a whole different kind of pot stickers?

As for Korean cuisine, bi bim bap already sounds like stoner food. Entire companies might change: Nacannibisco.

There could be a day when one person is looking for GMO-free while another seeks THC-free. "Hey, man! Like, I don't want to be altered, man!"
Anyway, clearly there will be a whole new meaning for baked goods.

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