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What's trending - $50K mistake, reading "Game of Thrones", surprise quintuplets and new airport seating plan

(Image: Youtube/Game of Thrones) (Image: Youtube/Game of Thrones)
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In "what's trending", Steve tells us about a big mistake made on the Antiques roadshow. Held in high regard, Stephen Fletcher placed the value of a piece of art to be about $50,000. The person who had created the piece in the 1970's found out about it and claimed the piece. She made it in a high school art class. According to the New York Daily News, Fletcher has since re-evaluated and now believes the jug is worth around $4000.

Howard likes the Game of Thrones series on HBO, but he loves the books by George R.R. Martin. He recommends that you read the books, even if you've watched the show because there are so many storylines that are left out.

Grace shares the story of an Australian woman who got a huge shock. The mother of 3 found out she was pregnant with quintuplets and just delivered them in January. Kim Tucci posed for a series of pictures to celebrate the healthy newborns, but also to ask for some help. Having 8 kids has become a huge logistical problem. She has now turned to crowdfunding for a little extra cash.

Dan won't tell us which airline it is, but I think we all know. He showed us the new chart that shows what your seat is really going to be like on the grueling trip. They include first class, economy economy discomfort, economy agony and economy 2: The Reckoning. 

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