Packs of dogs near Nimitz Highway bike path create safety concerns

Packs of dogs near airport viaduct create safety concerns

Dozens of dogs belonging to homeless people living near Nimitz Highway are creating a potentially dangerous situation.

Cyclists who use a bike path in the area say dogs fight with each other and are aggressive.

Since the beginning of the year, the Hawaiian Humane Society has gotten eight calls for aggressive dogs. One person was bitten.

"The dogs come up from nowhere so you got to be careful," said one passing cyclist.

On Wednesday, Hawaii News Now spotted dozens of dogs in the area. Some were tied up. But most were free to roam.

Officials from the Hawaiian Humane Society say they learned about the problem in January after getting the contract to pick up the city's stray animals. For months, their hands were tied because they weren't sure whose jurisdiction the animals were in.

"We've been working with the governor's office, the city, and the Honolulu Police Department to establish jurisdiction," said Harold Han, Hawaiian Humane Society.

Meantime, the dogs have multiplied.

Homeless resident Lucille Billianor has more dogs than she can keep track of.

"I had four girls and all four of them got pregnant at the same time. One had 11. One had nine. One had eight and one had seven. I didn't expect to have all these dogs," she said.

On Tuesday, issues over jurisdiction were finally put to rest.

Now, officials with humane society are coming up with a plan of action.

"We're working with the city very closely and with HPD," Han said. "Number one, we're making sure the dogs are secured, and doing warnings and education enforcement if necessary. We're also providing them with options like sterilization at no cost."

Han says the humane society isn't out to take anyone's pet. Instead, they hope their outreach creates more responsible owners.

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