Dreams interpreted with Dr. Paul - surfing, playing piano and flying

Dreams interpreted with Dr. Paul - surfing, playing piano and flying

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dream interpreter and psychologist Paul Unkrur appeared on Sunrise today.

His first dream is from James Tucker. He said, "I actually had an incredible dream of surfing. I hadn't been able to surf. I've been working a lot so I pray, I hope I can have a wonderful dream tonight. And, I had a glass house where the waves broke on the bottom of the house and if you went downstairs in the house you could see all the fish and the coral in the reef. If you're upstairs, you could walk on the glass part of the house and jump into the waves and surf along the side of the glass house. I woke up refreshed and I felt like I'd been surfing in Indonesia."

Paul believes that glass houses are usually a representation of yourself. This time, James is being honest and transparent about himself. Surfing can be an indication of how you navigate life's ups and downs. Since James is able to surf well and he's being upfront about everything, he feels great about everything. This is a very happy dream that he was able to manifest.

Linda Takai dreamed "I was at a piano recital and had to get up and leave to go to the restroom. And then, however, when I tried to get back to the piano recital, I was in another room and there was alike a whole glass wall between me and the piano recital. So I wasn't able to walk into the piano recital. And so I took an elevator to go downstairs to try and find another route into the piano recital but I wasn't able to get there."

Paul said the glass wall here represents a barrier that you have to something that you want. While you can't get to it, you're looking at other options to try to find a way. Linda is not giving up on finding a solution which is a sign of her determination.

This man submitted this one. "Dreams I used to have is I would fly, fly over people's heads. Jump up off the ground and and just kind of float in the air over people. I always fly and then come back down to the ground and then come back up and hover over people. Over telephone lines." The lady next to him said, "And I've never had that dream and wish I would."

Paul said that when you fly in your dreams it can mean that you're willing to let things go. He believes that the man dreams of flying because he's able and willing to let go so that things don't bother him as much. Paul also believes that's why the woman does not dream about flying. He said that shows that she's probably more willing to hold a grudge.

If you would like to have your dream interpreted, email him at PaulUnkrur@yahoo.com.

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