Local Connection: 2016 Legislative Session Wraps Up

Local Connection: 2016 Legislative Session Wraps Up

The 2016 legislature wrapped up last week with a collective back-slapping session. And maybe some of the self-congratulations is deserved

They did put considerably more money into homelessness and to cool schools.  They avoided the temptation to raise taxes. They paid down the unfunded liabilities and put some money away for a rainy day.

On the other hand we saw nothing that will address other crucial challenges – our state remains a terrible place to do business with a regressive and pyramiding excise tax.  We still have no plan for improving our prison system…other than releasing minor offenders.  And there was no serious effort to reduce the tax burden on the working poor.

Once again our lawmakers appear able to respond to crises but unable or unwilling to take on the underlying problems that create the crises in the first place.

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