Days before triple homicide, accused murderer posted online rant

Days before triple homicide, accused murderer posted online rant

PUNA, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - The man accused of killing a woman and her two children in Puna on Friday posted a rambling video rant on Facebook days earlier, in which he said he was "oppressed" and that he had been forced from his home because of a conspiracy.

The video was posted Monday and begins, "My name is John Hoffman. I live here in Hawaii on the Big Island."

In the video, Hoffman said he's an entrepreneur and explained his decision to move to the islands. "I moved here in '98 to try and reconcile a relationship, which didn't grow. So our relationship was futile so we separated," he said.

Then, Hoffman begins talking about property. He said he was once forced from his home because of a conspiracy and his family has suffered.

"The truth is I have been systematically oppressed. Deprived of life liberty and the pursuit," he said.

He went on: "My new family of a wife a young daughter and one on the way is in the sect of this matter."

It's unclear in his statements if he is talking about the woman and children who were killed Friday.

For more than 20 minutes, Hoffman rambled on. At one point, a young child can be heard entering the room.

Close to the end of the video he talks about providing for his loved ones. "I have only tried to save my family," he said. "You can not build a home in the state of Hawaii without being a property owner."

Twelve seconds before the end of the video, Hoffman shows his face for the first time. "You see that Facebook," he says, as he points the camera at himself.

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