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Arrest In Good Samaritan Theft Case

Image: Jason Lees Image: Jason Lees
Metuisela Tautuiaki (Image: Honolulu Police Department) Metuisela Tautuiaki (Image: Honolulu Police Department)
Randy Gonce (Image: Hawaii News Now) Randy Gonce (Image: Hawaii News Now)

A man accused of stealing a Good Samaritan's bag has turned himself in. The theft happened Wednesday as Randy Gonce set down his satchel to help a family trapped in a flipped over SUV in Chinatown.

"I knew someone had to have a picture or someone near the bag picking it up or a video of it," said Gonce.

After Gonce shared his story with Hawaii News Now, people posted multiple pictures on social media showing a man hanging around the crash site and in another, actually taking Gonce's bag.

32-year-old Metuisela Tautuiaki turned himself in at the Chinatown substation. He was arrested & booked for 2nd degree theft and conspiracy to commit identity theft.

"I think he realized his face was probably the most known face in Hawaii. I think he found it deep inside him that maybe its time to do the right thing," said Gonce.

Gonce lost his cell phone, wallet, and laptop, with an entire semester's worth of research notes. He also says the thief emptied his account of $5,000, and he has not gotten any of it back.        

Gonce says what he really wants is an apology.

"That's something that would bring peace to me but it would help the gentleman who thought the opportunity to steal was ok to help for him to heal," said Gonce.

Gonce says he's thankful for all the support he's received and the many tips that poured in on social media. A Go-Fund Me Page has been set up for Gonce. In less than 24 hours, it's already raised more than $1,600.

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