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EXCLUSIVE: Video shows off-duty Maui cop yelling, pushing sign-wavers

Angela Kahoohanohano (Image: Darrel Hall) Angela Kahoohanohano (Image: Darrel Hall)
Image: Darrel Hall Image: Darrel Hall
Tommy Aiu (Image: Hawaii News Now) Tommy Aiu (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Graphic: Hawaii News Now Graphic: Hawaii News Now
Graphic: Hawaii News Now Graphic: Hawaii News Now
WAILUKU, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Video posted online shows an off-duty Maui police officer yelling and pushing participants of a recent rally.

The Maui Police Department said the video is under review.

It was posted several months ago but was quickly taken down. It has since resurfaced.

Sources say the officer's name is Angela Kahoohanohano and she is a member of MPD's Crime Reduction Unit. The video shows her yelling and pushing sign holders at a First Friday event in Wailuku who were promoting their religious beliefs. The signs apparently offended Kahoohanohano.

“How's about f*** you?" the officer says in the video. "Kahoohanohano brah. Yeah, I'm a Kahoohanohano brah. And what?! And what brah?” she says.

She is seen pushing a man right in front of two police sergeants and a lieutenant. The demonstrators didn't know she was an officer herself.

"Hey … would you mind going and telling that officer right there that this woman here is violent? I know that's a lot to ask," one demonstrator can be heard telling another.

Hawaii News Now Law Enforcement Expert Tommy Aiu said it's important not to judge what happened based on the video clip alone.

"This could just be a snippet. Need to look at everything, interview witnesses, that's what I would do," he said.

SHOPO President Tenari Maafala and Aiu both point out they don't know what happened before the recording.

That said, they also agree police officers are required to uphold a standard of conduct around-the-clock.

"Even if not on duty, not in uniform, they are expected to be a reflection of the police department and uphold the values of protecting those rights and being an example for the community," said Aiu.

"Being a police officer myself, I recognize and I understand and I also accept the responsibility as a police officer that we be held accountable as well, not just for actions on duty but equally important when we're off duty," Maafala said.

MPD's mission statement says in part, “We will be honest and sincere in our personal and professional lives. We serve with courage and pride in maintaining the public trust by upholding the highest moral and ethical standards…we will consistently treat all people fairly and impartially in upholding the laws of the State of Hawaii and the Constitution of the United States.”

"It's unfortunate those things had happened. But behind every badge there's a human being so we're again susceptible to making mistakes," said Maafala.

The Maui Police Department did not offer any additional comments.

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