EXCLUSIVE: Maui man accused of slashing wife's throat arrested for attempted murder in 1991

EXCLUSIVE: Maui man accused of slashing wife's throat arrested for attempted murder in 1991
Kehau Farias Schmidt
Kehau Farias Schmidt

WAILUKU, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Stephen Schmidt, the man accused of slashing his wife's throat in a Maui Foodland last week, is also accused of stabbing another woman on Oahu in the 1990s.

His ex-roommate claimed he warned the victim, Kehau Farias Schmidt, that he was a dangerous man.

Schmidt was never charged for attempted murder back then, but the arrest alone was enough to scare his roommate who eventually moved to Maui. He said Schmidt followed him. Decades later, he met his estranged wife on a Maui bus.

Two years ago, Allen Kaina was a driver for Maui's non-profit transportation department Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc. (MEO). Farias Schmidt was a regular on his route and the two eventually developed a friendship. Little did they know of their chilling connection: Stephan Schmidt, who was Farias Schmidt's husband and Kaina's former roommate.

"Every time I would pick her up, she would tell me about him and how much problems they would have. So I warned her, just watch out for this guy because I know him from the past...and he's not good," Kaina said.

Kaina's past with Schmidt dates back 25 years to 1991, when Schmidt was arrested for attempted murder after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend at the time. Kaina and Schmidt were living together in Nanakuli.

"When I got home I seen the knife on top the table and that's when I asked him what was that…Schmidt told me that he stabbed his girlfriend…he just laughed about it, like yeah, she dared me so I stabbed her. Then she was complaining that it hurt so he took her to the hospital, and that was it, like no remorse or anything," said Kaina.

Kaina said Honolulu Police showed up to the Nanakuli house a couple days later but couldn't find the knife. Schmidt was released and never charged.

Kaina moved to Maui shortly after and he said Schmidt followed him. When he met Farias Schmidt on the MEO bus in 2014, he tried to warn her.

He said last week's news of Schmidt allegedly slitting her throat in the Wailuku Foodland was devastating.

"I was in shock," he said.

"He has it in him to do that, it's just hard to realize that he really did that to her."

Schmidt's preliminary hearing is set to resume Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. in Wailuku.

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