Local Connection: Ride Sharing Safety

Local Connection: Ride Sharing Safety

Our hearts go out to the young lady who was allegedly assaulted last week by the driver of an Uber ride-sharing driver.

The tragic case raised the specter of sexual predators becoming ride-sharing drivers to cruise for potential victims.

The booming new industry is growing faster than regulations can be written and lawmakers are sure to take an even closer look now at how to make both ride-sharing and taxis as safe as possible.

Meanwhile, just like any other popular new technology, the very qualities that make it attractive can create new risks, especially for young people.

Ride sharing is great for kids who don't have their own cars and for parents who would otherwise have to arrange or transportation for their kids.

But just as we did with the internet, parents need to educate themselves about how ride-sharing works and how their kids are using it. Then set common sense ground rules that can let young people take advantage of the opportunity...and minimize the risk.

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