EXCLUSIVE: In his own words, why a Maui man accused of murdering his wife, wanted TRO dropped

EXCLUSIVE: In his own words, why a Maui man accused of murdering his wife, wanted TRO dropped

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Maui woman who had her throat slashed in a grocery store was clearly living in fear.

On April 19, Kehau Schmidt went before a judge saying her estranged husband, 45-year old Stephen Schmidt, had threatened to kill her.

She was requesting that a temporary restraining order be extended, forbidding the man from contacting her.   She tells the judge that her estranged husband attacked her on March 29 when he saw her with a man she had recently met.

"So what did you tell Kehau at the time?" asks Judge Keith Tanaka.

Stephen Schmidt answers, "I told her to get in the f'in car, you know, I was really emotionally a mess."

Judge Tanaka responds, "She's saying you grabbed her by the arm and pulled her hair and stuff."

Stephen replies, "That is a lie.  I did grab her like ... you know like ... try to  walk. Come on let's go... like prompt her to leave with me."

During the hearing, Stephen admits, the he is not ready to let his wife go, "Honestly I love this woman and even though all of this is happening between us, I know probably because of my, being on the pain medicine, that I probably never give her the attention that I should... I kinda drove her to the arms of somebody else, but, like I not ready to just walk away from my marriage."

The judge asks Stephen Schmidt a chilling question, "Have you ever threatened to kill her?"

His response, "No, I don't want to go to jail, you cannot say that kind of stuff to people, like I said, I know the seriousness of threatening people,  I wouldn't do that."

The judge granted the extension on April 13, forbidding Stephen from contacting her for one year and realizing that Kehau's concerns were real he added one more condition, making him attend domestic violence intervention classes.  He tells Stephen that he has anger management issues.

Less than a week later, on April 19, witnesses say Stephen attacked Kehau in the Kahului Foodland, allegedly slashing her throat and stabbing two others who tried to help her.

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