Local Connection: Don Horner

Local Connection: Don Horner

Don Horner, a former Bank CEO, who also lead our board of education is exactly the kind of man we need in government. He is experienced, skilled and honorable.

But now his good name has been damaged by the way the mayor and council chairman forced him to resign from the rail transit board.

This is a classic example of political scapegoating.  It's an election year and the troubles with the rail project had to be blamed on someone.

The critics seem to focus on a perceived lack of communication to the board and the city council… but that has nothing to do with rising costs and delays.

And he was the board chairman – not the person actually running the project. That person, the HART CEO is still on the job.

No wonder good people with much to offer hesitate to offer themselves up for government service.  They may be putting their reputations at risk.

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