Wedding Expo: Magnolia Bakery gives tips on choosing the perfect wedding cake

How to choose the right wedding cake and when

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If you're planing a wedding and you're overwhelmed by the choices you have when it comes to cakes, Magnolia Bakery understands. They brought in Abigail Joslyn, the regional Director of Operations and Executive Chef and Baker Jonas Low to share some insider tips. Here are their suggestions for picking the right one:

1) Design inspiration:  Picking a design for a wedding cake can be daunting but the answers are simpler than you think. Take a look into your closet. What is your personal style? What colors and textures do you gravitate towards. The best part of designing a cake is that you have limitless possibilities and can use your favorite dress or pattern as a design inspiration. Pastry Chefs love a good inspiration board.

2) Flavor Profile:  Because building your perfect wedding cake is so unique  you can sometimes get carried away trying to please everyone with picking out flavor combinations. You want to keep is simple but also unique. After all, cake is meant to be eaten and enjoyed! Try to  stick to three different flavor components. Cake flavor, filling and icing. Think of complimentary flavor profiles you have had before and ones that most everyone will enjoy.

3) Size of Cake: Wedding cakes can range from super tall over the top constructs to just a simple two tired cake fixed atop a cake stand. Choosing the size and type of wedding dessert can be narrowed down by looking to where is the venue and how many people are RSVP'ed. Wedding cakes are typically priced per person and can range from a base price with a more simplistic design and flavor combination and range up from there. If the venue is outside for example, perhaps a smaller cake can be paired with cupcakes or dessert favor boxes.

4) Trending:  Cake designs trend just as any other visual design or fashion. Today, with Instagram and Pinterest closely tracking these trends visually it is easy to get overwhelmed. Ultimately you want to look past what might be trending and stick to what you personally like. It doesn't mean to steer clear of whatever is trending, you just want to be sure that the design and look of the cake ultimately represents your inner style.

5) Time frame for decisions: You want to do your cake tasting 3 months before the wedding. Sometimes brides get so excited to lock everything in place and want to schedule cake tastings 6 months to a year ahead of their scheduled wedding date. Food trends are like fashion trends and typically speaking 3 months is a good solid time frame to lock in what your perfect dream cake will look and taste like.

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