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Hawaii bill would excuse breastfeeding moms from jury duty

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HONOLULU (AP) - Breastfeeding moms could soon be exempt from jury duty in Hawaii under a bill approved by the state Legislature.

The state Senate passed a bill Monday that would excuse mothers from jury duty if they are breastfeeding children up to age 2.

Lawmakers say jury duty challenges a mothers' ability to continue breastfeeding. That's because jurors often don't have access to supplies or an adequate space to pump. And if they don't pump breast milk at the appropriate time, their bodies may stop producing milk.

The bill was previously passed by the House, so it now goes to Gov. David Ige, who may sign it into law.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says 17 states and Puerto Rico excuse breastfeeding mothers from jury duty or allow their service to be postponed.

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