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What's trending - firenado, Avatar sequels and Thor pranks Spiderman

(Image: Action Reaction) (Image: Action Reaction)
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In "what's trending" today, Dan Cooke shares the footage showing firefighters narrowly escaping what they're calling a "firenado". When a brushfire is big enough, it can create its own weather especially if there is wind. This particular video is from Alberta, Canada. If you watch, you can see a group of firefighters running off to the left. A little later in the video, you'll see one emerge out of the smoke and jump into the lake. He reportedly only suffered burns to the back of his ears despite the enormous "firenado".

Howard shares the schedule and some interesting details in the upcoming "Avatar" sequels which are directed by James Cameron. He says that three more movies will not be enough, instead he'll release four more. The first sequel will come out in 2018 with the rest to be released in 2020. 2022 and 2023 respectively. 

Steve shares video showing Thor pranking Spiderman. Thor's hammer can only be picked up by himself, so leaving it around the house causes some big problems for Spiderman.

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