Movie Review: DEMOLITION

Movie Review: DEMOLITION

The new movie called DEMOLITION is about an investment banker whose wife dies in a car accident. It's a very good film with a great performance from its lead actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal voice over as he writes a letter): Dear Champion Vending Company, This letter is in regards to vending machine 714 located St. Andrews Hospital which should have give me Peanut M & M's. Regrettably it didn't. I found this upsetting as I was very hungry and also my wife had died 10 minutes  earlier. I'm not saying it was your fault. I just wanna be thorough. Julia was a good person. She worked with special needs children. She snorted when she laughed. Other than that I don't think I knew who she really was.

Doctor: Where exactly are you feeling numb?

Davis: Sort of in this whole area right here. (indicates his entire body)

Jake Gyllenhaal is Davis Mitchell, a workaholic investment banker  who can't feel grief after the sudden loss of his wife.

But he now understands that even when she was alive, he wasn't happy. And he goes a little crazy with urges to destroy everything about his life, including his workplace.

Phil (Davis' boss): Did you take apart the washroom stall?

Davis: That was my work, yes.

Boss: Why?

Davis: That's a little harder to answer.

Chris Cooper is Phil, Davis' boss also and his father-in-law.

Davis: I don't think Phil liked me that much at first. Also, he told me once.

Phil: I don't like you Davis.

Davis is smashing appliances in his house when he gets a surprise phone call.

Karen: This Karen Moreno at Champion Vending Company? Do you have anyone to talk to?

Davis:  Do you usually make service calls at 2 in the morning?

Naomi Watts is Karen, an unhappy mother with a troubled son. You probably expect that these two will become a couple, but they don't, and that's only one of many ways this very creative movie keeps surprising you.

But it's Karen's friendship and the connection Davis makes with her son that help him start to feel like a human being again albeit a person who is determined to literally demolish his former life including his house.

Boy: What are we doing again?

Davis (lifting a sledge hammer): We're taking apart my marriage.

DEMOLITON is a satisfying comedy-drama that shows how a man who thought he had everything he wanted discovers that what he really wants is something completely different.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.