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What's trending - Flea's terrible performance and presidential privileges to GOT

(Image: Youtube/ Game of Thrones) (Image: Youtube/ Game of Thrones)
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In "what's trending", Steve brought up Flea's terrible performance at the Lakers game last night. It was a packed house for Kobe Bryant's final game in the NBA. The Red Hot Chili Pepper's bassist was invited to play "The Star Spangled Banner', but it sounded awful. Steve shared some of the tweets that went out after his performance. They included:

"Still depressed about Flea last night. He looked and sounded like he literally lives under the bridge downtown"

"Has the person who booked Flea for last night's national anthem been fired yet?"

"I couldn't hear Flea over the sound of Francis Scott Key clawing at the lid of his casket"

Howard shared a story from "Entertainment Weekly". At the Game of Thrones premiere for season 6, the cast and crew were very hush hush about the details of the first episode. Reportedly, even TV reviewers didn't get copies in order to keep everything secret. The one person who did get to see it before everyone else was President Obama. He must have invoked presidential privilege in order to get that super secret copy. The show will premiere on HBO on April 24th.

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