And this year's worst job is ...

And this year's worst job is ...

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You might think you've got the worst job ever, but do you?

Probably not, according to's newest jobs rated ranking.

The worst job is actually (drum roll, please) … newspaper reporter. It's held the spot for three years running.

Why? The ranking takes into account each job's environment, income, outlook, and stress factors.

Here's why newspaper reporter came in dead last (again), according to the ranking's authors:

"A gradual decline in print publications at the turn of the century became a steep downturn for the past decade. Publications folding mean far fewer job prospects, and declining ad revenue means unfavorable pay for those in the Fourth Estate."

Of 200 ranked jobs, logger came in as the second-worst job, largely because fewer people are using paper (but also because it's incredibly dangerous and stressful).

Broadcaster was the third-worst job, with disc jockey close on its heels.

So what's the best job, according to the ranking?

Data scientist: a job that pays well and has an excellent growth outlook.

To see the full ranking of jobs, click here.

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