Local Connection: Police Service

Local Connection: Police Service

The journalists at Hawaii News Now are justifiably proud of their work covering issues with police departments all over Hawaii.

It's the nature of news that negative events receive more coverage than positive stories. It is our job to expose problems and see them solved.

But when there is a lot of bad publicity, as there has been with the Honolulu police department, we need to take a moment to remember that most of what is going on in the department is good.

Day in, day out, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, hundreds of Honolulu police officers and department employees work hard to keep us safe.

They put themselves in danger on a nearly daily basis, not just facing armed criminals, but in the maelstrom of traffic, preventing accidents and death on the roads.  They deal with the most difficult of our homeless population and people with out-of-control mental illness.

They are also the face of our city, helping residents and visitors who are victims of crimes or perhaps misbehaving themselves and doing so with patience and tact.

We respect you for your dedication…and thank you for your service.

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