Hawaii Senate budget funds housing, hospital, mosquito fight

Hawaii Senate budget funds housing, hospital, mosquito fight

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii senators are pushing a state budget that directs more money to Hawaiian Home Lands, affordable housing and homelessness programs.

They're also funding 33 new vector control positions to fight the mosquitoes that can carry dengue fever or the Zika virus.

They're restoring funding for Preschool Open Doors, which subsidizes preschool for low-income families.

Residents and doctors are asking for money for Wahiawa General Hospital. The Senate budget includes $5 million for the state to buy the hospital's parking lots, providing needed cash.

The Senate proposal would spend $29 billion over two years, down from $30.7 billion Gov. David Ige proposed.

The Senate Committee on Ways and Means approved the bill Tuesday. It goes next to the full Senate. Then the House and Senate will work out differences in committees.

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