Kauai focuses on getting more residents walking, biking

Kauai focuses on getting more residents walking, biking

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - Kauai County officials are focusing their efforts on a transportation plan aimed at decreasing the island's traffic congestion and lowering its carbon footprint.

The Garden Island reports the Kauai Multimodal Land Transportation Plan, adopted by the Kauai Council in 2013, seeks to lower the number of vehicles on the road and promote other modes of transportation, such as walking and biking.

In 2010, Kauai reported that 54 percent of transportation on the island took place in single-occupant vehicles. Officials are looking to reduce that figure to 39 percent by 2035.

The county's efforts toward that goal have included expanding walking and biking paths and improving bus service. Another option being considered is limiting the number of rental cars to force visitors and residents to seek other modes of transportation.

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