Local Connection: UH March Madness

Local Connection: UH March Madness

Congrats to UH Basketball! It's no secret we have strongly questioned the management of the UH athletic program for many years, but now it's time for well deserved congratulations.

It's has been decades since we had both women's and men's basketball teams in the NCAA tournament.

Eran Ganot managed to bring his team together with a new level of focus and commitment through all kinds of adversity and strife. We  have every reason to expect great things from that young man in the future of the mens basketball program, and big credit is due Athletic Director David Matlin for hiring him and the UH administration for allowing David Matlin to hire the head coaches that he wants in those key positions.

Laura Beeman has taken the Wahine to new heights through years of solid progress within an athletic program that has had more than its share of miscues. In my opinion, her coaching ability should place her among the elite coaches nationally in Division 1 basketball.

Congratulations to the teams and coaches, and thank you for igniting once again the passion we have for UH sports. Great job!

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