Local Connection: The Democratic Primary

Local Connection: The Democratic Primary

The Democratic Party did a great job during its presidential preference poll this weekend – a great job of shooting itself in the foot.

The excitement over the nomination battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton was a real opportunity for the party to attract new blood.

But instead of a competent exercise in Democracy and inclusion – many walked away frustrated with disorganization, confusion and in many cases – not even an opportunity to vote.

The decision not to set a clear window of time for voting created chaos. In some cases it appeared polling place leaders decided to pack up early, while others stayed open.

While it may have simply been indifference or incompetence – it has opened the door to suspicions of favoritism.  Were some polling places closed early by Clinton supporters frustrated by seeing their candidate smashed or by Sanders supporters trying to seal the victory?

Either way – it is a reminder that any election – whether run by a political party or the state – must be thoughtfully planned and fairly run.

If not, voters will have another reason to stay away from the polls.

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