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What's trending - women find bald men sexier, Maui Humane Society vote and is Jon Snow alive

(Image: Maui Humane Society) (Image: Maui Humane Society)
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In "what's trending" today, Grace tells us about a volunteer at the Maui Humane Society who needs our help. Alice Bennett has become a finalist in a national competition for her outstanding work. It's called the Hill's Pet Nutrition Shelter Heroes candidate. In two years, she has logged more than 1300 hours as a volunteer. She has a special affinity for senior pets, spending the extra time to walk and care for them. If you would like to vote for Alice, go here. You only have until April 10th to do so.

Steve tells us that some women find bald men sexier than their counterparts with luscious locks. FirstMalta.com offered the theory that women notice a man's hair first, unless they don't have any. Then, their focus goes to their eyes which makes for an immediate, more impactful connection.

Dan shares a clip from a British tv talk show. Actor Kit Harrington was the guest. The host Jonathan Ross subjects the "Game of Thrones" actor to a medieval lie detector test. He asks Harrington whether Jon Snow is really dead. If the actor lies, he'll get a shock. Surely, he would never lie about something so serious!

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