Local Connection: Police Commission

Local Connection: Police Commission

It's clearly a time of turmoil for the Honolulu police department. So it is very troubling that no one in city government is willing to assume accountability for oversight of the chief and his department.

Everyone needs a boss... whether you are the stock boy or the CEO.  And the police chief is no different.  
In the last two years there have been multiple complaints of excessive force, millions spent to settle lawsuits, special treatment of officers accused of crimes, and evidence the department does not take domestic abuse seriously.      
Not to mention a federal probe of the police chief himself.

So who is asking the tough questions that need to be asked? The police commission chair says he can't tell the chief what to do and is relying on the chief's assurance that everything is just fine.

The Mayor, who appoints commissioners, says he has no role. The city council also seems content on the sidelines.

So we welcome the Honolulu Charter commission proposal to give the police commission more power to discipline the chief.

It should be on the ballot this November – finally giving voters a chance to be heard …and repair this dysfunctional system.

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