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EXCLUSIVE: Lanikai residents oppose concert plan

Walt Keale Walt Keale
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Vern Hinsvark (Image: Hawaii News Now) Vern Hinsvark (Image: Hawaii News Now)
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LANIKAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A Saturday night concert at a Lanikai home has some area residents up in arms.

Vern Hinsvark, a member of the Kailua Neighborhood Board, said he's received dozens of complaints from residents who are concerned that the event violates city laws that bar commercial activities at residential properties.

"That's just something that should not be allowed in a residential neighborhood," Hinsvark said.

The concert features Hawaiian musician Walt Keale and Native American flutist Carlos Nakai.

Keale, a pastor at Daybreak Church in Kailua, said the concert hardly qualifies as a commercial venture. He said he's charging admission only to help pay for Nakai's travel costs from the mainland. Anything that's left over will go to charitable causes.

Nakai is well known in the Native American music scene and frequently visits the islands to attend the Merrie Monarch Festival on the Big Island.

"I can't see this happening again ... I'm not planning to make this a commercial enterprise to bring people over and do this," said Keale. "This is not about making money."

The concert, which has sold about 80 tickets at $17 per person, is being held at a beachfront home at 1576 Mokulua Drive. Neighbors worry that the event will add to the weekend traffic congestion in Lanikai.

"It's sold out now. I don't how many people are going to be there but a lot of people are going to be coming into the neighborhood," Hinsvark said.

Under city laws, a business person can work out of their home so long as they can provide a parking stall for every five clients they see at one time, said Hinsvark. If the number of customers exceed the required parking, it's considered an illegal commercial enterprise.

Keale said he checked with police and the City Parks Department and are following guidelines they provided.

City officials said they are looking into the matter but have issued no citation.

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