Facebook Free-for-all: San Francisco vs. Honolulu; laughter on the news; Dan's jokes

Facebook Free-for-all: San Francisco versus Honolulu, laughter on the news and Dan's jokes

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In this week's Facebook Free-For-All, we answer questions from three different viewers. First, Blackie Mage asked Grace Lee, "can you compare San Francisco to here regarding work, environment, etc.?"

Then Faith Paulele asked Steve Uyehara, "I love it when you laugh and that alone, is a big reason why I watch you every morning, but do grumpy people try to tell you, 'you laugh too much for morning news!'? What do you say to them?"

And finally, Derrick Stephens asks: "Who writes Dan's comedic material?"

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