This week in history: March 27-April 2

This week in history: March 27-April 2
Aloha Airlines announces shutdown
Aloha Airlines announces shutdown
Military helicopter crashes in Kaneohe on March 29, 2011
Military helicopter crashes in Kaneohe on March 29, 2011
Hawaii sees 40 days of heavy downpours
Hawaii sees 40 days of heavy downpours
ZipMobile breakdown results in ‘carmageddon’
ZipMobile breakdown results in ‘carmageddon’

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Take a look back at some of the big headlines in Hawaii on this week in history.


1963:  Queen Elizabeth II visits Hawaii

The queen of England returns to the state for a visit with her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Queen Elizabeth receives a lei from Hawaii Gov. John Burns on the tarmac.


A CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter crashes onto the sandbar in Kaneohe Bay, about two miles offshore. The crash kills Cpl. Jonathan Faircloth, 22, a Marine who survived deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Three other crewmembers survive.


1959:  Plans to build Hawaii Kai, a residential ‘model city,’ are announced

2006:  Hawaii sees 40 days of heavy downpours

Relentless rains have continued in Hawaii for 40 consecutive days and nights. The non-stop heavy rains have saturated the ground, causing soggy hillsides to crumble. The worst damage on this night is on Tantalus where a landslide plows through homes.

Aloha Airlines stuns its employees with a sudden announcement that it is shutting down the following day. The Airline blames unfair competition from go!, which slashed ticket prices after entering the market in 2006. About 1,900 people will lose their jobs – the largest mass layoff in state history.


2008:  Aloha Airlines' final flight

Only a day after learning their company would suddenly shut down, employees bid a tearful goodbye as Aloha Airlines’ final flight pulls into the gate. Flight 261 from Maui to Oahu touches down at 10:32 p.m., marking the end of an airline that flew Hawaii’s skies since 1946.

Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch and Crab on Nimitz Highway becomes the latest victim of a toughened economy and closes its doors for good. Among the rising costs, a co-owner says electricity payments are now upward of $25,000 a month. That payment was about $5,000 when the restaurant first opened.

2014:  go! Airlines goes out of business

Six years to the day after the airline go! is accused of taking down went out of business, go! also announces it is shutting down. Analysts say its demise is the result of a reputation for delayed flights and weak customer service.

2015:  ZipMobile breakdown results in 'carmageddon'

More than 12 hours after a broken ZipMobile triggered a city-wide traffic jam, West Oahu commuters are still inching their way home. It’s described as the state’s worst traffic jam in years, and it all started because of a computer glitch. The ZipMobile is unable to move the concrete zipper lane out of the freeway before rush hour and gets stuck “half-zipped” in Waikele. The vehicle can’t be moved until a technician and parts are flown in from the mainland.


A magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes the Aleutian Islands and generates a Pacific-wide tsunami. Within five hours, the tsunami makes its way to Hawaii, killing 159 people as it sweeps across Hilo. Wave heights on the Big Island reach an estimated 55 feet, destroying the city’s waterfront and reaching as far as a half-mile inland. At the time, many in the state are unaware of the tidal wave’s dangers and instead of seeking higher ground, they are running to the shoreline to see fish flopping on the sand.


1995:  Arakawas, a landmark in Waipahu since 1909, closes

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