In the entertaining HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS, Sally Field is terrific as a eccentric, lonely sixty something woman who gets a crush on a co-worker who's in his thirties.

The sweet, vulnerable Doris awkwardly tries to get to know the young man who is nice to her but has no interest in romance.

The crush begins in an elevator. TV actor Max Greenfield is John, the new art director at the fashion company where Doris is a low level employee in accounting.

John: Sorry, tight quarters. I like your glasses.

Doris gets the encouragement to pursue John from the leader of a self help seminar played by Peter Gallagher.

Doris: He's very different from me; it just seems impossible.

Leader: Impossible, a confounding word.

Doris: And yet I use it all the time.

Leader: There's no such thing as impossible, Doris.

Doris: No?

Leader: Think about the world itself.

Doris: OK.

Leader: I'm possible.

Doris: I'm possible.

The 13 year grandchild of a friend helps Doris see John's Facebook page and then helps Doris create a fake identity so she can become John's Facebook friend, a sure signal of trouble ahead.

When Doris learns that John's favorite group will be giving a local concert, she shows up in full Doris style much to John's surprise. Afterwards, because of her, they are invited backstage.

Musician: Niles and I are looking for a model to be on the cover of my new album.

Doris: Oh.

Musician: Niles, can you get her digits?

Doris: Get my what?

Niles: We need your phone number.

Doris: You got a pencil?

Niles: Nah, nobody has pencils anymore.

Doris is a fish out of water, but she becomes almost like a mascot to fans of the group, John included.

As we eventually learn, Doris spent her entire adult life caring for her mother, giving up the one man who loved her when he moved and she couldn't go with him.

Doris: It would have killed her.

John: I'm sorry.

Doris: It's OK.

Throughout this gentle movie, I felt myself cringing for Doris, worried that she would embarrass herself completely and be totally devastated by rejection.

My worry was entirely due to Sally Field's wonderful performance, which is so good that it makes up for some uneven parts of the screenplay.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.        thunter@hawaiinewsnowcom