On the Radar: Manakoa Gym

On the Radar: Manakoa Gym
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(HAWAII NEWS NOW) It's a unique gym where you can learn back flips and mathematic equations.  For this edition of On the Radar, Jennifer Robbins checks out Manakoa Gym in Aiea

The spirit of the warrior is in each of these young gymnasts.

"They encourage you to do better," said Jordana Rodriguez, 12-year-old Manakoa gymnast.

"Before this I couldn't do one pull up -- now I can do five," said Mason Harris, 11-year-old gymnast.

Head Coach Sarah Kholos tumbled into the sport when she was three.

"Looking for straight legs, pointed toes, kicking backwards," said Kholos, Head Coach of Manakoa Gym.

She advanced as a NCAA collegiate gymnast and now shares her passion and skills with keiki and adults.

The coaches at Manakoa say it is not just about exercising your body, but also your mind.

Sarah's mom and dad, Cynthia and Ralph Dobson, are credentialed science teachers with a combined 32-years of experience.   Now, the three are infusing academics into gymnastics.

"It is known among educators.. that there are three learning modalities the auditory, the kinetics, and the visual," said Cynthia Dobson, Manakoa Gym owner and coach.

"So what we do here that is unique is the opportunity for blending academics," said Dobson.

"They have so much experience on both sides, and as a parent you want both things," said Joyce Foley, a mom.

Simply, the students are learning by doing.

"If we go over Newton's Law it applies to gymnastics," said Mason Harris, 11-year-old gymnast.  "If I bounce on the ground, it is an equal and opposite reaction so the ground is actually bouncing back at me"

Today's lesson, the gymnasts are calculating the velocity of their cartwheels across 8 meters.

"Not only are they learning handstands, cartwheels; they are learning physics concepts for the little ones, letter recognition and phonics," said Dobson.  "And we blend many academic concepts while they are moving."

And when students don't always stick their landings, they're quickly learning that true warriors get back onto their feet, which is a discipline that can be applied in both the gym and when hitting the books.

For more information visit - Manakoa Gym & Keiki Learning Center  /  http://www.manakoagym.net/

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