Business Report: How the Delegates Stacked up

How the Delegates Stacked up

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won Arizona last night.  But there was more to the story than that, and Howard takes a look.

More than 100 Democrat delegates and almost 100 Republican delegates were awarded last night.

In Arizona, with 97% of the votes counted, Hillary Clinton won 58% of the vote, Bernie Sanders 405, She gets 46 delegates, he gets 21.

In Utah, it was a different story - Sanders beat Clinton, 80% to 20%, taking all 24 delegates.

In Idaho, where there was a Democratic caucus only, Sanders won 78%, or 17 delegates. Clinton got 21% or 6 delegates.

The net take for the evening was 62 delegates for Sanders and 52 for Clinton.

On the Republican side it was winner-take-all in Arizona, and Trump took all 58 delegates with 47% of the vote. Cruz got 25%, Kasich 10%.

Utah was Cruz country, 69%, with Kasich second with 17% and Trump third at 14%.

Cruz's only close ally in the Senate, who stood with him when he shut down the Senate with a filibuster, was Utah Senator Mike Lee.

The net take for the evening was 58 delegates for Trump and 40 for Cruz.

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