Hawaiian Humane Society encourages adoptions on National Puppy Day

Interview: National Puppy Day with Hawaiian Humane Society

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Today is National Puppy Day!  Steve Prieto is a volunteer with the Hawaiian Humane Society.

It's National Puppy Day!  Steve Prieto is a volunteer with the Hawaiian Humane Society and they encourage you to adopt a dog! Did you know we have all types of dogs, "pure" and "poi", young and old, big and small, to choose from? As Oahu's only open-admission shelter, we take in about 65 animals a day.

Those who adopt from the Hawaiian Humane Society receive a certificate for a free veterinary exam within two weeks of adoption. Dogs also receive microchip ID and initial vaccinations. All dogs are spayed/neutered before becoming eligible for adoption.

If you prefer to purchase a dog, be sure to inspect where the puppy's parents live and the health of the mother and father. Walk away if the person selling the dog will not allow you to visit. Chances are high that the puppy came from an irresponsible breeder or puppy mill.

When considering adding a puppy to your family, make it a thoughtful decision and ensure you can properly care for the pet; keep your puppy up to date on all vaccinations as many diseases are preventable like Parvo which can be deadly. If you are looking for a particular breed, do your research. Some take extra care because they require more maintenance or can be prone to specific health risks.

The Hawaiian Humane Society has puppies available for adoption almost daily. You can see all the animals available for adoption on our website at HawaiianHumane.org. We also feature animals on our Facebook and Instagram pages

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